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Scenes from AB: Help from the class

One question I often get from teachers in Desmos PD sessions is whether they can turn off the option for students to see other responses from the class when they submit a text or choice response.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.35.21 PMSo first off, yes you can turn it on or off. When using the text input or multiple choice, you can check or uncheck the box to allow students to see 3 random responses when they submit their answer.

Teachers will often express concern that students will just copy answers off each other. I hear that. Every choice a teacher makes in a lesson’s design (whether using technology or not) should have a reason behind it, and whether you check that box or uncheck it, you should know why that particular response should or shouldn’t allow that kind of feedback.  Continue reading


No room for error



On question 2 in the picture, the student told me the answer was no. When I asked him how many days 3 astronauts could last, he told me 4, which I did not expect. I questioned him, and he plainly pointed out that this was just too tight a margin for space travel.

Can’t argue with that.