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Decoding mistakes in Calculus

This year I am using mistakes to prompt discussion in class and make homework dissection more engaging. In my AP Calculus AB class, I use Active Calculus as the text, and many of its activities and exercises are perfect for an Activity Builder conversion. Such was the case when I assigned this activity to work on section 1.3 Ex 1 in Active Calculus.

The very first slide has students drawing some secant and tangent lines on a function. Most students in all three sections did pretty well with it, but I saw a few common errors I wanted to address. So channeling my Talk Less course from TMC16, I made up these two slides.

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New Year Goal: Student Participation

For this coming year, I’m going to make one small change to my day-to-day routine for start of class. I’m going to have students take attendance and read the prayer according to a rotating assignment. One weakness of mine is remembering to take attendance. I also sometimes forget to do the class prayer–I teach at a Catholic school, and each class starts off with a prayer of the teacher’s choosing. I have a collection of passages from various folks, and students will often ask if they can read them anyway. So might as well turn that weakness into an opportunity for student participation in the non-content side of the class.

I’m still mulling over an option to make that attendance part of a Google form (or maybe just a paper clipboard somewhere). I may make those passages broadcast daily via Twitter or some other feed-friendly medium.

Also up in the air: adding a 3rd daily job to summarize the day’s activities in a 2 sentence class diary.

Provided I get a good start, this is the kind of thing that should keep running pretty well. I have found that peer pressure can be an ally in routines like these.