Build Student Interaction with Desmos Classroom Activities


Course Evaluation

Class contact sheet


Slides   |   Overview

Homework: Someone will hopefully be ready to run an activity for Friday.


Slides   |   Overview

Activity on approximating radicals for class edit. Add no more than 2 slides to improve it for your purposes.

Active Calculus text book

My page with calc resources

Activity 1.21 from Active Calc

Homework: Develop pitch for your custom activity.


Slides   |   Overview

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.10.58 PM.png

Source for innovation table

Desmos Building Code

3 Activities:

  1. Marbleslides: Parabolas
  2. What’s My Transformation?
  3. Limits and Continuity

Dan Meyer Article on Pomegraphit activity and how the building code weaves in. Math with Bad Drawings comic

Homework: Here are two versions of Match My Line. One is from the early days of Activity Builder, and the other is a more recent version. What are the differences between the versions? What are the advantages of each?


Slides   |   Overview

Notes from activity teacher moves

Notes from input components

Homework: Complete the Marbleslide Challenge found here. As you like, keep working on your calc skills on the scavenger hunt.


Slides   |   Overview

Notes from technology energize / hinder discussion.

Homework: Use the Desmos scavenger hunt or Desmos Bingo (Set 1, 2, 3, 4) to improve your Desmos calculator skills. Try to master 2 skills you did not have before.

Cool graphs

Activities from class

Fellow’s Favorite Activities (if it’s not linked, it’s searchable)

Exeter Marbleslide Site


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