Room 212 in 2016

Students are coming through today and tomorrow on a 10 minute schedule, and classes start for reals on Thursday, so the room is pretty much set. Have a look around.

I asked for some of these triangle desks this year so I can get groupings of 4 students on a more regular basis. My room isn’t exactly tiny, but it’s too small for larger tables. These things are great, and they still leave open the possibility for alternative arrangements. I have 7 groups in the room.


Tables are numbered and the numbers look like this. Each takes a different approach (one is in binary). The plan is to shake those up as we go, but we’ll see what kind of priority that deserves. Obligatory XKCD poster is below, one of three in the room.

Stripped down desk setup in the corner. My main work area is in the office, so this is a spot to hang out in during conferences, testing, etc. I probably won’t use it much, but there are other teachers in here as well. The surface was cut from an old logarithm pull chart.


Here is The Game. Arbitrary points assigned or deducted for random reasons. Not totally random, I suppose. Many of those old school “extra credit” points will be diverted to this board. I forget who I stole it from (and I just spent 10 minutes searching), but someone wrote a great post on it.

And the horse with a tie.

Not pictured but essential: my set of 10 large whiteboards, my document camera, my slide rule museum.


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