WODB Posters

Over the course of the day, students see endless “local” advertising around our school. For the most part, we do a good job of keeping out for-profit marketing messages, but fliers for clubs, dances, games, and all sorts of fun stuff paper the walls of stairwells, the cafeteria, and everywhere in between. So I figure, why not get in on that?

A few years back, I whipped up a set of posters with grit and endurance quotes and put them all over. Many could be found in our math classrooms, but they were also all around the hall near our area and in some other spots across campus like the cafeteria and the library. None of them had any traditional math content, but I liked the notion that a student would see a poster like this with our logo and think about the connection between. I started this set with a collection I found from another school, and for the life of me I can’t find that source right now. Chris Hildrew when he was at Chew Valley.

Those posters are 2 years old. Time for something new. I really wanted to come up with a campaign that would engage students (and adults) with a question, a prompt. Something that could hit all grade levels and beyond. A prompt that they could see in the hall and it would stick with them–even for just 30 seconds.

So at TMC16, @saravdwerf and I were chatting about our shared love of designing marketing materials. She made the perfect connection that “Which one doesn’t belong?” prompts (credit @MaryBourassa and @Trianglemancsd) are perfect for a replacement math poster this next year. Given the right content, every student can come up with an answer, and (best case) they can debate the best answer.

The goal right now is to come up with new one for each week. If that seems a bit much, I can drop it back to every 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to the puzzles my department colleagues come up with and the ones students will suggest. These also have the potential to host another department’s content area for a week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.56.20 PM

Basic version of the poster.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.55.28 PM

This layout will be for digital posters (screens on campus rotate images, sharing online, etc). Credit WODB.ca

Pages templates for the paper poster are here and for the image are here.

Word templates for the paper poster are here and for the image are here.

I removed our logo and the numbers.


2 thoughts on “WODB Posters

    1. Dave Sabol Post author

      The response has been great. Many students and teachers in the school enjoy discussing solutions for each poster. I also added a Desmos AB code for people to send in their solution. It’s a good activity across departments as well — the other teachers can add puzzles for their disciplines.


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